About us

The Australasian Blistering Diseases Foundation (ABDF) is dedicated to providing information and support to patients with rare auto-immune and hereditary blistering diseases and their families. Being diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening and incurable disease can be quite frightening for patients and their families. Our aim is to assist patients and their families to deal with this fear by helping them to understand their disease through education sessions and seminars and to provide support through discussion groups and forums as well as advice on living with the disease. The ABDF also funds valuable research into the cause, diagnosis and treatment of blistering diseases and is an advocate for increasing public awareness and educating health care professionals on this rare group of diseases.


§ Basic facts about the diseases
§ Information about available treatments
§ Updates on current research
§ Participation in clinical trials
§ Patient-doctor meetings



§ Advice on living with the disease
§ Dedicated EB nurse at St George Hospital
§ Local support groups
§ Email discussion group



§ Participation in worldwide clinical trials
§ Funding of research projects into the cause, diagnosis and treatment of blistering diseases
§ Participation in international research projects
§ Research and publications in international medical Journals



§ Increasing public awareness
§ Education for health care professionals